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IBX is a new revolutionary system created by Famous Names. It is a two-part system consisting of IBX and IBX Repair, it acts as a protective and strengthening shield for natural nails. It can help to treat nails that peel, have ridges or white spots.

IBX is the first of its kind as its penetrative toughening system works inside the nail instead of just sitting on top. The result is a tougher nail that can grow naturally or act to protect the nail against frequent nail enhancement removal.

Your recommended treatment programme will be determined after a full consultation where we can establish the most appropriate system to be used. The condition of your nails will determine the treatment frequency.

IBX Treatment

IBX + Polish

IBX + Shellac

IBX + Bio Sculpture










*If 6 weeks lapses between IBX treatments a full treatment of IBX will need to be applied to maintain results.










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